Montreal Meeting

The Montreal meeting was held at McGill University in August of 2010 and was attended by all the PI’s (Ford, Lwasa, Llanos), Co-Applicants (Berrang-Ford, Namanya, Carcamo, Pedersen), Collaborators (Henderson), government partners (Edge), and student research assistants (Hofmeijer, Dingle). Montreal was selected as the easiest place for all participants to get to. The meeting was the culmination of over 6 months of research and collaboration, including regular conference calls, in-person meetings, and joint fieldwork. During the meeting – held over three days – each regional team provided an overview of their research needs assessment, collaborations with partner organizations and communities, and outline of key research foci. The group then discussed key themes to guide the research program and develop key components of the project including research foci, cross cutting themes, objectives, comparative framework, methodology, student mentorship, timeline, and community and partner engagement.