Congratulations to Michelle Maillet on completing her M.A. thesis


Longtime Climate Change Adaptation Research Group lab member and McGill University graduate student, Michelle Maillet, has completed her M.A. thesis titled "Is the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change an effective (or appropriate) institution for supporting indigenous peoples’ adaptation to climate change?" Michelle started working with the CCARG in May 2010 as a research assistant, where her role included editing the book "Climate Change Adaptation in Developed Nations: From Theory to Practice".  In September 2011, she started her M.A. as a graduate student at McGill under the supervision of Dr. James Ford. She completed her thesis in the summer of 2014. Michelle also held the position of project manager for the IHACC project from January to September 2013. As a research assistant and graduate student, Michelle went to the 16th, 17th and 18th sessions of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change as a representative of McGill University and the CCARG. She developed her research topic and question at these sessions.

Additionally, Michelle has contributed greatly to the geography community at McGill, through her activities on the Geography Graduate Society committees and executive, through her participation in a departmental mentoring program, and as an invaluable member of the CCARG. Since finishing her thesis, Michelle has remained as part of the CCARG as an R.A, and has also taken on a position at McGill University as the Department of Geography's Undergraduate Program Advisor as of June 2014. All of us at the CCARG wish her the very best in this role!