New emerging results booklet on the burden, seasonality, lived experience of AGI among the Batwa of Uganda

The IHACC-Uganda team has just issued a draft emerging results booklet of recent research on the burden, seasonality, lived experience, and health seeking behaviour options for acute gastrointestinal illness (AGI) among the Batwa of Kanungu District, Uganda. The emerging results booklet features quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-methods analyses from three undergraduate honours theses from IHACC students: Sierra Clark (McGill University), Alison Sumner (University of Guelph) and Laura-Jane Weber (University of Guelph). The IHACC team is currently receiving feedback on the results and a sample of booklets are being distributed to local stakeholders and community members in Kanungu. Read the online version of the booklet here:

Booklet designed by Sierra Clark and Stephanie Austin Contents compiled by Sierra Clark and Alison Sumner